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Parenting Traumatized Children Is the Hardest Job Ever!

complex developmental trauma healing complex trauma love matters parenting society therapeutic parenting wisdom for adoptive parents Oct 21, 2019

Dear Parents of Adopted Children from Difficult Beginnings,

When I brought my two children home for the first time, I was so excited to start a family.  Every natural attempt before that to have children had ended in devastating grief.  Adoption was soon to be my only answer or go childless and that wasn't a real option.

I was determined.  When my beautiful children came home to me, I was so excited and happy to build a family for all of us.  I'm pretty sure your story is similar to some degree.  You wanted a family, right?

Then, after a pretty serious honeymoon, all hell broke loose.  Seriously, I had no idea what was happening.  These sweet little darlings were completely beside themselves.  They had no ability to be comforted by me. And I had no idea how to get them to enjoy the little things, like blowing bubbles, dying Easter eggs, playing hide-and-go-seek, playing at anything really.  They controlled everything or melted down in crying fits of rage. It was like I was living in a completely different reality than them.

Embarrassingly, I was a therapist for 15 years before I adopted my children, but I had no idea about the concept of attachment challenge or complex trauma.  No idea at all.  

That was 20 years ago now.  Attachment challenge and trauma are now spoken about, but still not talked about honestly to adoptive parents, so they can get a jump start on the kind of parenting that will be healing in the long run. 

For the last 18 years, I've on a mission to find answers and practical ways of healing our hurting children.  I was pulling out my hair trying to figure this out. I even wrote a book called "Drowning with My Hair On Fire."  I bet you know that feeling.

Happily, since that time, I have been able to coach hundreds of parents to walk the healing path of creating a loving family with children from difficult beginnings.  Not only that but also to walk the path of healing while thriving as a person at the same time.  Yep, I found the way.

The Love Matters Parenting Society is the outcome of my mission to help parents like me find the path to healing much earlier than I did.  

I have the honor of spending my days guiding parents toward freedom from fear and family chaos to love and family peace.  Yes, it is possible.

Listen to this parent who found the way with my approach to therapeutic parenting: 

We have been to a lot of different therapeutic offices. Some chosen, some assigned. Ce Eshelman is hands down the best. She is empathetic, caring, and intuitive. Her sense of humor though really helps in those oh my god situations that I'm sure some of you can relate to.                                                                               --Adoptive Parent, Roseville, California 

There are many positive endorsements, but the truth is you need to see for yourself.  I am inviting you to go ahead and join The Love Matters Parenting Society Membership.  There's nothing to lose because there is a money-back guarantee in the first two weeks.  You can go on the inside of the membership and see what there is to offer and get started on a life-changing mission to create the life you desire while healing your traumatized child(ren).

The Love Matters Parenting Society is an annual membership that provides one-on-one coaching, dynamic support group, therapeutic parenting education, and regulation strategies.  You will be wrapped in a warm blanket of daily support to help you grow your therapeutic parenting greatness while thriving at the same time.

Here is a short video on Healing Complex Trauma that will give you a taste of the kind of material you will receive every week in The Love Matters Parenting Society.  I hope you enjoy it and when you are done watching leave a comment and head on over to The Love Matters Parenting Society to take a look around.

Love Matters,

Ce Eshelman, LMFT
Adoptive Mom
Attachment and Trauma Specialist



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