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"I can't believe an online program could be this eye-opening, truly loving, effective, and 100% life-changing." B.C. ~ an adoptive parent.

Peace and Calm In Your Home

More love and laughter...
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Healing Attachment Trauma Now

More happy times...
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Empathy For Your Real Life

A community that "Get's you"...
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A Word From Ce...

I believe that love matters in every relationship.  Love Matters Parenting is based on enduring attachment and trauma research, my experience as an adoptive mom, and the lived experience of hundreds of adoptive parents just like you.  Our mission here is to heal the hearts of traumatized children while supporting parents to THRIVE in their lives.

Everything we do, we do for you.

Because love matters,

Ce Eshelman, LMFT
Adoptive Mom
Attachment and Trauma Specialist

What Parents Say...

About Love Matters Parenting at The Attach Place Online

"I don’t feel so alone and crazy now... I have been a member of The Love Matters Parenting Society for 9 months. I love hearing other parents’ successes… It feels celebratory. I really like being part of this intentional community. "

Jennifer L.
Adoptive Parent

"This woman saved our family. This book [Drowning with My Hair On Fire: Insanity Relief for Adoptive Parents} will save your sanity! After years (and many therapists) of getting it wrong, Ce Eshelman got our traumatized family on the right path to attachment, sanity and big big love. Ce’s unique therapy is grounded in the latest brain research, her own struggles raising traumatized children, and work with hundreds of families like ours. Her stories, contained in this book, are our stories: full of pain, confusion, hope, faith, love and practical magic that really works."

E. S.
Adoptive Parent

"Ce Eshelman is the real deal. She's one of those rare gems who deeply cares about the people she serves. She is willing to freeze frame and blow up her mistakes for you to see so you can avoid the same pitfalls. She then points to the path of secure attachment. The book itself is a secure base you can return to again and again when things get difficult at home. Drowning with My Hair on Fire is just the medicine you need."

Jennifer Olden, LMFT
Certified EFT Therapist

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Attachment Strengthening Therapy

Attachment and Trauma Therapy for your child and family. Trauma and adoption-informed practices.

Y.E.S. Coaching Program for Youth/Young Adults

Youth/young adults from difficult beginnings often struggle with various transitions.  1:1 personal coaching lessens the struggle.

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