Do you love a child from the difficult beginnings of abuse, neglect, or abandonment?
                                                              You are in the right place.

Tired of professional help that is no help at all for healing your family?

You are not alone.

In the middle of the night, ever desperately need a friend who "gets" you and your wild and zany family life?

We do.

Is parenting your beautiful traumatized child the hardest thing you have ever done in your life? 

Me, too.

 If you are on a healing path  
with your child living with
Complex Developmental Trauma
and want to surround yourself
with a brilliant community
of like-minded,
parent warriors,
then this Parenting Society is just
what the doctor had no idea
to order for you.

                                                               Check this out!


August 28th, 2019 is 
Open Registration for our Love Matters Parenting Soceity


I'm Ce Eshelman, adoptive mom, attachment and trauma specialist, best selling author of Drowning with My Hair On Fire: Insanity Relief for Adoptive Parents, presenter, and owner of The Attach Place Center for Strengthening Relationships.

When I first brought my children home, I found myself completely flipping my lid and my children were entirely wild, angry, scared, and beyond my understanding of how to parent.  I thought I would lose my mind, and worse, I was unequipped to help my children heal from the debilitating impact of Complex Developmental Trauma, a term never spoken to me in the first 10 years of struggling to parent my beautiful babies.

I felt so battered, exhausted, ashamed, and defeated.  After all, I was a therapist already. Shouldn't I know how to do this? How could I be failing at the most instinctual, biologically hard-wired thing in nature? I felt like a bad therapist, and a very deeply flawed mother.

After many dead-ends, false starts, and wrong turns, I finally found a community of researchers, clinicians, and attachment and trauma experts to learn from so that I could help myself, my kids, and my clients with their own children from difficult beginnings. I am incredibly grateful for the cobbled out path.  And I'm pleased to have been able to share what I learned with other parents who find themselves walking on the broken glass of healing.

Now, after years of providing state-of-the-art attachment and trauma therapy, therapeutic parent training, and regular coaching to move parents from surviving to thriving, I am delighted to offer this year-long therapeutic parenting mastermind membership online to you.

You do not have to be alone any longer, and you do not have to live within driving distance from my office to get what you need either.  I am right here in this vibrant community of loving, learning, supportive parents eager to help sharpen your skills, help you heal your children, and move you ever forward toward thriving in your family life. 

Yes, I did say THRIVING.  I mean it, too.


This Therapeutic Parenting Society only opens its doors to new members two times a year, so be sure to mark your calendar for August 28th, 2019, to grab your spot before the membership closes up.


















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24/7 - 365

Care For Your Mind/Body/Soul

Love Matters Parenting Society 
is about living your best life when it seems near impossible when caring for your traumatized child(ren).

Thriving over Surviving

The Power of Regulation

24/7 - 365

Expertise For Your Mind

Love Matters Parenting Society 
is about walking the talk of Therapeutic Parenting with coaching at your fingertips.

Peace over Chaos

The Power of Coaching



24/7 - 365

Community For Your Heart

Love Matters Parenting Society
is a community of like-minded, like-hearted, and like-experienced parents who get you and your real life with children from difficult beginnings.

Empathy over Sympathy

The Power of Community


  • “If there had been 10 stars to rate my experience, I would have selected all 10.”

    Mother of 2

  • “Ce really understands the roller coaster ride of parenting a child from difficult beginnings and has helped us learn essential attachment-focused, therapeutic parenting approaches...”

    Mother of 2

  • “Ce has a depth of understanding both from her professional training and her personal experience. ...there could be no more safe a space to travel the journey.”

    Mother of 3

  • “...a lifeline for those who feel confused and overwhelmed by their adopted children's process.”

    Mother of 2

  • “...since our adopted son was 3.5 years-old. He is now 7 and the progress he's made from his difficult beginning and emotional dysregulation is nothing short of remarkable.”

    Parents of 1

  • “According to my 10-year-old adopted child "from difficult beginnings," Ce is the only one who gets us.”

    Mother of 1

Is your child experiencing Complex Developmental Trauma?  Watch this short to find out.