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Love Matters Parenting Society


You have found a soft place to land. 

Join this robust membership community of parents raising children from difficult beginnings who seek healing and wellness for their children and a delicious, thriving family life.

  We know your greatest desire:

To Heal the Broken Hearts of Your Children


To Thrive In Your Life

This Is Your

Path to Parenting Greatness


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LOVE Yourself

Love Matters Parenting is about living your best life when it seems near impossible with hurting children. Your wellness--mind, body, spirt--heals all.

Thriving over Surviving

The Power of Regulation

LOVE Parenting

Love Matters Parenting is about walking the talk of Therapeutic Parenting with coaching, friendship, and support at your fingertips.

Peace over Chaos

The Power of Coaching

LOVE Community

Love Matters Parenting is about having a true community of fellow parents 24/7 - 365 who get you and your crazy, amazing life. They will truly understand.

Empathy over Sympathy

The Power of Community

LOVE Yourself in the midst of...

becoming an effective therapeutic parent to a child from difficult beginnings. You will walk through a step-by-step process to build internal strength, create a resilient mindset, and develop a "doable" wellness practice for healing, crushing out stress, and thriving in your best life.

Yes, I need this.

LOVE Parenting when "nothing works"...

with brain-based strategies, bottom up approaches, feedback, and coaching to support holistic healing in your child who continues to be traumatized by adverse childhood experiences (ACES). You will learn specific parenting practices to intervene in the aftereffects unique to your child. 

Yes, I'm ready.

LOVE Community anywhere, anyway, anytime...

in the dead-blur of night or the clear-eyed light of day, you will have friends, fellow traveler, at your fingertips.  Not just one friend, but an entire community of parents living just like you, in service to healing children from difficult beginnings and to creating a loving, thriving life. You are never alone in the Love Matters Parenting Society.

I'm in!

You and Your Family Deserve This Gift

A Therapeutic Parenting Community Built Especially for You

Healing Complex Developmental Trauma

Is your child experiencing Complex Developmental Trauma? Watch this short video to learn more.


If you want to begin the healing journey, find out the specifics right now.

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