What parents are saying about the Love Matters Parenting Society family transformation program...

Overcome...self harm threats and attempts

[This program] taught me the skills and practices I need to help my granddaughter learn to love herself. I have watched as she has overcome daily dysregulation, fighting, fits that led to suicide threats and attempts to being able to regulate more easily...

K. B., adoptive parent of 1

Helped those big behaviors

We are so much more relaxed in our approach to our kids!...our kids have parents who can actually help them feel seen and safe (which has helped those big behaviors!)

S. O., adoptive mom of 3

Being with a group of parents...is priceless

Being with a group of parents who are struggling with the same types of issues; who share their struggles and their wins, is priceless.

O. J., adoptive mom of 1

More Testimonials

I am so very very grateful for our community and the material—the difference between my life today and several years ago is like the difference between sitting calmly in the hot tub with you guys and a glass of apple juice in my hand and being all by myself far out at sea, drowning, with no land in sight. I'm not exaggerating. I love to tell people about you whenever I can! This is THE place to be when raising our kids.

Sarah N., adoptive mom

This program has guided me into being able to face parts of myself I wouldn't have been able to by reading more books. And when facing them, it's been ever so valuable to be able to reach out to other people who truly understand what I'm going through and get support from them.

Tom T., adoptive dad of 2

This program has been family changing, seriously. It has helped me really focus on my blocks to therapeutic parenting, so that I can get my stuff out of the way and focus more fully on my kiddos needs. I think the weekly material, even if you can't keep up 100%, is crucial. I need the reminders, I need new info, I need to be immersed so I am building a few new pathways of my own. I would also recommend couples do the program together.

Elaine S., adoptive and bio mom

The support group helps us share daily challenges, that may be different, and incredibly out of the norm, and in this setting there is a certain resonance with other families...so you learn from what other people do, you feel accepted and you appreciate your own family dynamics more.

Cindy N., adoptive mom of 1

This program has specific understanding and skills to support missing pieces, brain dysfunction and dismaturity. The unwavering support of other parents who truly understand the shame, the struggles, the children, the behaviors who are on this therapeutic parenting journey in the groups and the amazing knowledge and support of Ce!

Kris R., bio mom of 2