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photo of Ce, a woman with light skin and chin-length blond hair, smiling upward

I am living fully alive after raising my two children I brought home from foster care 25 years ago. I am truly thriving and I love my life. Oh, not 100% every single day in every single way. That would be lying to you. And. I. Will. Not. Do. That.

I used to be ordinary and now I really know that I am extraordinary, just like you. I learned in the midst of chaos and despair how to thrive while being part of healing my two, very traumatized children.

You can read my full story in the foreword of my 2016 book, Drowning With My Hair On Fire: Insanity Relief For Adoptive Parents. Here, I will simply say that I survived my own difficult childhood beginnings only to be blindsided by my adopted children's trauma later in life. Being a licensed marriage and family therapist for 15 years prior to adopting children didn't help me a bit either. I was clueless about the big, bewildering behaviors I would encounter in my own home. And, frankly, some of the bewildering behavior was my own directed at my children. Who in the heck was I? I didn't recognize myself and I couldn't find real answers anywhere.

Fast forward in my life and you will find me mostly healed from my own complex trauma and still an active part of helping heal my children with their complex trauma.  I opened The Attach Place Center for Strengthening Relationships, LLC, in Sacramento, CA, about 20 years ago to help other adoptive parents navigate these very stormy waters. Then, four years ago (just before the pandemic), The Love Matters Parenting Society was conceived to support adoptive parents all over the world online.

You, parents, are my passion. I love my work with you and your children and I cannot wait to support you in any way that I can with what I know. You are not alone. I will walk with you through this incredible journey to heal your traumatized children and I will support you to THRIVE at the same time.

I mean that with all my heart. Why? Because no matter what the cliché is—"love is not enough"—love does matter, and you can have a deliciously good life with your children while experiencing your personal joy at the same time.

My question for you is this: How can I help?

I look forward to seeing you inside the Love Matters Parenting Society. I've been told it feels like coming home to a place that can rarely be found out in the world.

Welcome home.


photo of Ce, a woman with light skin and chin-length blond hair, smiling at the camera

Ce's credentials

Ce is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) in the state of California, license #27146.

Certified EMDR Practitioner Level I & II

Certified Therapeutic Crisis Intervention Trainer

Certified CISM Interventionist

Certified Personal Performance Coach

Certified Theraplay Practitioner

Clinical Member of CAMFT

Ce has collaborated with

Underserved Populations Training Project
North State Parent Magazine
Child Abuse Prevention Council of Siskiyou County
Wayfinder Family Services
Oregon Parenting Education Collaborative
First 5 Siskiyou
Siskiyou County, California
California Department of Social Services
Capital Adoptive Families Alliance
Koinonia Family Services
Attachment & Trauma Network, Inc.
Journey Clinical

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