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For Parents of Children from Difficult Beginnings of Adoption, Abuse, and Other Painful Childhood Experiences


Be the Right Parent

with the Right Tools

in the Right Order

at the Right Time

 Loving Families DO NOT Just Happen...They Are CREATED!
...One Family at a Time!

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Here Are A Few Things That Really Don't Work When Parenting Traumatized Children:


Losing Your Temper

2nd, 3rd and 4th Chances




It's No Wonder Our Parents Are RAVING About
this Unique Approach that Actually WORKS!


When parents year after year go from one therapist to another and one program after another desperately seeking help, you end up feeling like NOTHING WORKS! So you give up your power to well-meaning, though often ill-informed professionals.  

You drop your kids at mental health therapy offices, occupational therapy clinics, and psychiatric services to let the professionals do whatever they think is right. All the while parents become more and more hopeless and super overwhelmed by the disturbing trauma behavior in their homes.

And if this is happening to you, (no shame - no blame) you risk losing influence in your child's life, you risk your child getting worse and worse, and you risk losing control of your own mental health, temper, and wellness.

And you already know that an overwhelmed parent is NOT a parent who is keeping their emotional lid on--it begins to seem like the kids want to live in a family where yelling is the norm. I sure don't want you to be living that life.

Mistake #2...

When you feel consistently overwhelmed and hopeless; when you watch your child spin out of control and you begin to fear for their future; and when you feel your family, home life and livelihood are threatened; you start being emotionally blocked and depleted in ways you never imagined you could be.  You stop taking care of yourself.

Worst of all, you DO NOT 
Love Your Life.

How do you muster the strength to carry on, live joyfully, enjoy being alive while parenting your easily upset children?

Nope, you can't love your life in that kind of shape.


Your family NEEDS real wisdom to get better  

How else will you be able to  parent without yelling, demanding, commanding, and consequencing?

When you keep “outsourcing” your family to professionals, you will never get a confident handle on the tools, the neuroscience-based order, and the timing for transformative parenting that will lead you to PEACE at home.  I can't say that enough.  

What happens when the things you have been taught by those who "don't get it" backfire and your child gets worse?

You are left with the pieces to pick up and with putting your family back together again.  And that is too freaking hard!

Or what if the professionals become exasperated with you because you can't seem to stop all this negative behavior?

They quit you, fire you, blame you, nag you, give up on you... You definitely get left with the feeling that you are a bad parent.

What happens when Child Protective Services knocks on your door because you went a little too far with your discipline or your child said you did to their teacher?

It’s back to feeling seriously shamed, blamed, and "in trouble" because you just don't know how to be the expert leader in your family with effective tools, essential order of cognitive brain functions and specific regulation timing.

When you MASTER the tools/order/timing, with expert consultation and the support of other trauma-informed parents on the same journey, you transform your family life forever--You Get the Peace You Deserve and You Begin to Love Your Life.

So what’s important to you?

Being able to continue to believe NOTHING WORKS!

Probably not that.

OR will you continue to seek another therapy appointment for another year, 5 years, 10 years?

How Much Do You Want the Right Tools, in the Right Order, at the Right Time?

The reality is every successful parent of children from difficult beginnings NEEDS a proven parent training program that teaches them effective tools to be the experts in their own families with expertise and support over a long enough time to make lasting changes to the negative parent/child patterns created by the ravages of early trauma.

So, now that you see just how vital the right parent training program is to LOVING YOUR LIFE you might start to feel the truth--you need this and now you might have to do it.  Yikes!  

Yep, you have a decision to make and that can be overwhelming in and of itself.  BUT your children are only going to get older and bigger.  Time is of the essence for them and for you.


A Cautionary Tale:
Please Don't let this happen to you

I had this conversation just last week and I want to share it with you. 
I bumped into a parent I worked with nearly 10 years earlier who came to my office for help. Back then, I encouraged her to focus on becoming the parent her child needed her to be, a parent who understood how trauma was impacting her child and her parenting. She wasn't able, at the time, to take her focus off of changing her child's behavior--so we amicably parted ways.  I asked her how things were going now, given her son is 14.  Sadly, she said, "He has been in therapy for the last 10 years straight and he still can't make friends, take turns, or be kind to others. I'm just as frazzled as ever." My stomach hit the floor.  There isn't anything more heartbreaking for me than talking to a parent I was trying desperately to give the keys for a better life to and finding out that what I predicted for them 10 years earlier happened.  I'm not boasting here, nor am I clairvoyant.  I've just been working with parents of children who experienced trauma for a long time now. 

Who is Ce?

Happy Families aren't wished into being...  



You see, there is a method--LOVE+ Parenting--which  unfolds in 4 Learning Phases!  It has been proven over 22 years in my own family and in my office training parents to be experts in their own families.

And if you're missing even just one learning phase, you
run the risk of becoming burnt out and feeling like you are drowning with your hair on fire.

So, just like a riddle:

“How do you eat a bowl of ice cream?"
Answer: "One carton at a time.” Oh that's not how that riddle goes.🫣

Let's ask a better question:






There is also a specific ORDER to each of those Learning Phases. PLUS... each week for one hour you will need to show up!

So, what if you had a short video each week with a step-by-step resource page?

Imagine if you could easily learn by following steps with expert guidance, in a community of ready-made parent friends who get you because they are just like you.

...EVEN if you’ve never tried this kind of program before because it is created for busy, tired, frazzled parents of kids who need a lot of supervision!

No overwhelm!

No going it alone!

No more tools that don't work!

Imagine for just a moment...

...that you had a roadmap  for healing your own childhood story

...that you had a step-by-step process for healing your child's trauma

...that you where taught 10 tools to stop the chaos with 10 more to further family attachment

...that you needed only one hour a week to become an expert in your family 

...that you would have access to an attachment and trauma expert and other expert parents 24/7 365.

...One hour a week for 4 phases, would give you confidence, competence, and expertise to lead your family to wellness.

You would have all 10 of the right tools plus 10 more advanced skills, knowledge of the right order, and practice with the right timing, and so much more...

And you already know, once you get the essentials...

If you have enough support and time to practice new skills, can you imagine that you will... 

Begin to feel immediate relief from chaos, outbursts, and refusal.

In fact, hundreds of parents are using
Love+ Parenting 
to transform their family lives right now.
They are thriving in their lives.


Isn’t it great to imagine that you could create the family life you would love and that there would be a whole community of others on the same path just waiting for you?

Wouldn't that be awesome?

Well, you don’t have to just “imagine” it. 

Love+ Parenting in the Love Matters Parenting Society Training Program for Parents of Children from Difficult Beginnings is RIGHT HERE!


The Best Step-by-Step 
Parent Training Program  
for Parents of Children from Difficult Beginnings 

Proven To Transform Lives!
30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

  1. Detailed Step-by-Step Parent Training That Guides You Through the Process of Learning the 10 Essential Tools Needed to Stop the Chaos!
  2. Short Videos AND Podcasts with Fill-in-the-Blank Resource Workbook for Easy Learning
  3. Use all the Tools, Learn all the Neuroscience, Develop Brain-based Timing to Stop Meltdowns Before They Start
  4. And there are even Bonus Materials for Your Use with Your Children.

...because you deserve peace in your family life.

Yes, I definitely need this!

It's not true that you can't teach an old dog new tricks.

It’s time for you to get all that you deserve! Just like all the parents who came before you: 

Elaine D.
Mother of 1

"Family Changing Seriously!"

"This program has been family changing, seriously. It has helped me really focus on my blocks to therapeutic parenting, so that I can get my stuff out of the way and focus more fully on my kiddos needs.  I think the weekly material, even if you can't keep up 100%, is crucial. I need the reminders, I need new info, I need to be immersed so I am building a few new pathways of my own.  I would also recommend couples do the program together."

“Ce, you have a wonderful unique gift of being beautifully loving and kindly blunt. You come to the heart of the matter in a loving, wise, sensible and cut-the-cr** way. I simply love that about you.”

Sally R.
Adoptive Mom of 3

“This Program has guided me...to face parts of myself...”

“This program has guided me into being able to face parts of myself I wouldn't have been able to by reading more books. And when facing them, it's been ever so valuable to be able to reach out to other people who truly understand what I'm going through and get support from them.”.

Karly P.
Adoptive Mother of 2

"It's so worth it and you deserve it."

“Whether your traumatized child is doing OK right now or is scaring the daylights out of you, run, don't walk, to this program! The phenomenal content and advice has been transformational for me in just a few months. This isn't magic; you'll have to put in the time and effort. But it's so worth it, and you so deserve it.”

MICHAEL R. Adoptive Father of 3

This program is designed to create a Lasting Transformation for Parents of Children from Difficult Beginnings.  Each section of this Love+ Parenting Training Program is laid out in 4 phases. 

1. YOU!

We are giving you everything you need to become an expert in your family, quiet the chaos, and love your life.

One hour a week, you will follow short videos and exercises designed to take the "hard" out of manifesting new eyes, new heart, new experience! To get the most out of everything, there is group learning, sharing, and growing with parents who will get your journey and understand your goal to living peacefully in the family you love. Every parent here is on the happy family plan.

“I am so very very grateful for our community and the material - the difference between my life today and several years ago is like the difference between sitting calmly in the hot tub with you guys and a glass of apple juice in my hand and being all by myself far out at sea, drowning, with no land in sight.  I'm not exaggerating. I love to tell people about you whenever I can! This is THE place to be when raising our kids.

Lisa K.
Mother of 3

SEE what's waiting for you inside once you join…

One Hour A Week with other parents who "get you." Weekly short videos and fill-in-the-blank exercises.  Boom!  You are on your way to peace at home and a happy family life.

Phase 1:

All About You:

The #1 most important person in any room with children from difficult beginnings.

Self-paced, no blame, no pressure, no shame.  Perfection absolutely not required. Come as you are, one hour per week, when you can, or drop-in in the middle of the night, even on the can (which I find many parents saying they have to do)...

You will assess your wellness now, your hurts and resilience from early childhood, and past experiences that make you, uniquely you. 

Attachment Style

Parenting Style
Coherent Narrative

All along you will connect in a trauma-informed parent community that "gets you."


Imagine how much easier and even fun it will be to work with other parents toward a common goal!

"20 Essential and Advanced Life Changing Parenting Tools" 

Training 2:

All About Your Neurodiverse Child(ren):

This is were you get new lenses to better see your child.

You will assess what happened in your child's early years?   

Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Strengths and Delays 
Lagging Skills
Unmet Needs

A robust community shares resources, personal experiences, and healing recommendations. 

Get inside your child's brain with the mind of an attachment and trauma expert!  I've been training parents how to be therapeutic parents for 22 years. How much will it help to get inside my mind and see exactly how I approach families with Love+ Parenting?! See how it is really different than anything you have experienced before. In this phase...

I'll give you expert attachment and trauma information so that you can be the expert in your own family with your own children.

you'll discover...

    Including: 10 essential tools to stop the chaos, 10 advanced skills to end the aggression, and support for how to show up for yourself and for your child in a way that spells LOVE. That's a home run right there!

    When you learn to spot your attachment style and how it's keeping you from Loving Your Life, you will be amazed how easy it is to move yourself and your family toward more meaningful connections! 

     is they don't give you deep enough information for a long enough time to support you to stem the tide of negative feedback loops in your parent/child relationships due to trauma patterns.
    to be the parent your child needs you to be, the parent you always thought you would be, and to really create a life you love--PRICELESS!


Training 3:

All the things you have learned before, read about, and some things you don't know yet about parenting children with trauma:

"It’s Not Enough to Simply KNOW about Parenting... 
You've Got To Be Able to Use It Too, Right?!"

Today's world is hard for all parents and children. Post COVID19 we have seen a huge rise in depression, anxiety, and suicidal behavior in everyone, and since 2012 we have seen a steady increase in statistics about child depression, child anxiety and child suicidal behavior. It is skyrocketing with no hint it will stop climbing any time soon. 

Now, add trauma to that!

Think about it! What do you need to do to create a family life where your children feel safe because you parent them with their history in mind; where you feel joyful because the chaos has subsided due to tools that work; where there is hope because you can think about something besides the next outburst; and because you have gained all the expertise you need to lead your family into peace and LOVE YOUR LIFE.

Inside Love Matters Parenting Society, I Walk you step-by-step through your entire transformation process

  • Easy-to-follow videos and exercises the busiest parent can follow and practice.
  • How to manage external resources--teachers, IEPs, OTs, psychiatrists, therapists!
  • Plus! Get access to attachment and trauma treatment expertise 
  • AND Your peer group of parents for support and advice any time. 

Someone is always available to help. I am in the program responding nearly every day.

Training 4:

Now to the Delicious Part--Deepening Your Learning and Growing New Neuropathways for Expertise in Your Family! 

The last thing you need is another parenting class you will forget tomorrow or another book sitting unread on your nightstand. This Training Program is different.  It is an EASY MASTERCLASS level Parent Training Program designed to create expertise at home. I recognize you, your power, your authority and your growing awareness.  We celebrate wins and support on the down days. This course is robust and ready to use today.  There is no wasted time.  Just one hour of your time a week and your determined intention will bring about the change you want while parenting children from difficult beginnings.  

That Is Why I Focus an Entire Step-by-Step Phase of this Training Program on YOU.  You hold the keys to real change.  

If you can show up and you are coachable, you can get these steady and ready to apply skills when your kids get home from school today!  No kidding.

Love+ Success Stories

"Love Matters Parenting Society changed my family for the better. I am so grateful for all that I have learned through the program and also the support I found in the community."

Sarah, Adoptive Mom of 2

"This program has specific understanding and skills to support missing pieces, brain dysfunction and dismaturity. The unwavering support of other parents who truly understand the shame, struggles, the children, the behaviors who are on this therapeutic parenting journey in the groups and the amazing knowledge and support of Ce!"

Kris, Bio Mom of 2

"The support group helps us share daily challenges, that may be different, and incredibly out of the norm, and in this setting there is a certain resonance with other families...so you learn from what other people do, you feel accepted and you appreciate your own family dynamics more."

Cindy, Adoptive Mom of 1

"This program made all the difference in my life and my ability to be a therapeutic parent. If you feel like you can't do any more, if you are burdened by shame or the opinion of others LMPS can change your life because truly Love Matters."

Al, Adoptive Dad

I want on the priority list, because I need this.

"Ce! You have no idea how you changed my life."  

"Before this program I was out of my mind!  Ce! You have no idea how you changed my life.  I was blowing my top every day. The kids were completely off the hook and I just wanted to runaway.  I'm not saying it's perfect.  I'm saying I'm happy."

Mother of 1

In CASE There's Anything I Missed, Here are SoME Commonly Asked Questions!