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Learn the Right Tools
In the Right Order
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Right Time

To Be the Parent You Always Dreamed You Would Be for Your Children from Difficult Begginnings

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Loving families don't just happen...

They are created! family at a time! 

Look at THESE Results!

There are 10 specific therapeutic tools, delivered in specific brain-smart order, with practiced pace, grace and timing that transforms you into the parent your child needs to reveal a life you love.

Which RESULT appeals most to you?

From "Breaking holes in walls"...

Our kid who had the biggest, most destructive behavior, was able, with our help (our new way of parenting, learned from Ce), to eventually see his triggers and talk about them; he agreed to seek help with his anxiety, and he has gone from breaking holes in wall regularly, to a kid who might yell in anger, but who quickly apologizes and asks to talk about the situation! 
--Adoptive Mom of 3

"From hopeless to strength"....

I went from hopeless and about to give up to having hope again, having strength to carry on.  Adoptive Parent of 1

"Being with a group of parents priceless"...

Being with a group of parents who are struggling with the same types of issues; who share their struggles and their wins, is priceless.   Adoptive Mom of 1

"Helped those big behaviors"...

We are so much more relaxed in our approach to our kids!...our kids have parents who can actually help them feel seen and safe (which has helped those big behaviors!) Adoptive Mom of 3

"Overcome... suicide threats and attempts"...

This program “taught me the skills and practices I need to help my granddaughter learn to love herself. I have watched as she has overcome daily dysregulation, fighting, fits that led to suicide threats and attempts to being able to regulate more easily...."  Adoptive Parent of 1

✓   Is parenting your child who experienced adoption, abuse, or early childhood trauma harder than you imagined? 

Then You Need the Right Tools

✓   Are you spending hours reading parenting books, taking courses, seeking therapy, and following recommendations that just Don't Work for YOUR Child? 

Then You Need them in the Right Order

✓  Do you feel trapped? As if there is no way out of the chaos and drama in your family life?

Then You Need them at the Right Time

✓   Are you frustrated and exhausted from advocating, defending, and explaining your child to teachers, therapists, friends, and family members?

Then You Need Help NOW

Honestly, It Only Gets Worse
If You Do Nothing Different

Your kids just get older and bigger
with Additional Trauma Symptoms:
Disregarding what you say...

Breaking your rules...

Affectionate to others, but rarely surrendering to you...

Controlling as much as possible, including friends, siblings, and you...

Hoarding all kinds of things, and losing their minds when you try to sort it all out...

Transition meltdowns at every turn...

Shutting down...

Lying, Stealing, Manipulating...

Fighting, Arguing, Refusing...

Breaking things, Running away, Threatening Violence or Self Harm...

As frightening as those symptoms are, you can be part of the solution, rather than part of the problem.

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Meet Ce Eshelman, LMFT

Owner of The Attach Place Center for Strengthening Relationships, LLC, the Love Matters Parenting Society, and Author of Drowning With My Hair On Fire: Insanity Relief For Adoptive Parents.

This happened just last week and I want to share it with you. 
 I bumped into a parent I worked with nearly 10 years earlier who came to my office for help. Back then, I encouraged her to focus on becoming the parent her child needed her to be, a parent who understood how trauma was impacting her child and her parenting. She wasn't able, at the time, to take her focus off of changing her child's behavior--so we amicably parted ways.  I asked her how things were going now, given her son is 14.  Sadly, she said, "He has been in therapy for the last 10 years straight and he still can't make friends, take turns, or be kind to others. I'm just as frazzled as ever." My stomach hit the floor.  There isn't anything more heartbreaking for me than talking to a parent I was trying desperately to give the keys for a better life to and finding out that what I predicted for them 10 years earlier happened.  I'm not boasting here, nor am I clairvoyant.  I've just been working with parents of children who experienced trauma for a long time now. 

While every family is unique, there are some characteristics, dynamics, and repetitive trauma patterns that are eerily similar, predictive even.  And, my dear friends, there is a way to change that, but it requires new thought processes and determination to manifest the life you want, plus the right tools, in the right order, at the right time in a proven program supported by expertise and wisdom. 

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Frankly, YOU are the #1 most important person in your family, even when you don't feel like it.

The Right Tools:
You need effective, long term guidance to teach you how to use therapeutic parenting tools effectively. This program is definitely not a series of YouTube Shorts or snappy Reels.

You see, you can lift your family out of the sticky trauma muck of negative feedback loops. You will get state-of-the-art tools, not just pop psychology quotes in other programs.

The Right Order:
You need a proven-successful program that sees your whole family, not just the child who has trauma, because you all have some trauma now, right?

This program sees the whole family and was built on analysis of hundreds of observations and successful interventions with other parents of children from difficult beginnings. 

What part of your family needs aid first?  What part of the person needs aid first?  The order of interventions determines successful outcomes.

You need a simple process that builds your confidence as the expert leader in your family.  

Because you are busy and tired, you need an expert to walk you systematically through bite-sized learning opportunities in the way you learn best--video, audio, written, groups, or one-on-one.  

The Right Time:
You need experts with wisdom so you can call upon it at the time you need it, not just when you have an appointment scheduled. Some programs out- source their experts, who rarely make an appearance. You have daily access to expertise in this program right when you need it.

You need a comprehensive program for effective therapeutic parenting so you are not always searching for answers and constantly reinventing the wheel. You don't have time for that tail chasing, so everything in this program is available under one roof all. the. time.

Finally, you know as well as I do that you can be so painfully isolated and alone parenting kids with trauma, so you need a program that has a built in community right now to cheer you forward as you learn to be the parent your child needs you to be. Unlike some online communities that dish up negative insights, this program, 24/7 365, lifts you up while holding your truth, which may not be all that pretty.

The Right Tools,
in the Right Order
at the Right Time
is the only way you can 
break free
of negative parent/child trauma patterns 
Love Your Life


Love+ Sucess Stories


"Love Matters Parenting Society changed my family for the better. I am so very grateful for all that I have learned through the program and also the support I found in the community."

-Sarah, Adoptive Mom of 2


"This program has specific understanding and skills to support missing pieces, brain dysfunction and dismaturity. The unwavering support of other parents who truly understand the shame, struggles, the children, the behaviors who are on this therapeutic parenting journey in the groups and the amazing knowledge and support of Ce!"

Kris, Bio Mom of 2


"The support group helps us share daily challenges, that may be different, and incredibly out of the norm, and in this setting there is a certain resonance with other you learn from what other people do, you feel accepted and you appreciate your own family dynamics more."

 Cindy, Adoptive Mom of 1


"This program made all the difference in my life and my ability to be a therapeutic parent. If you feel like you can't do any more, if you are burdened by shame or the opinion of others LMPS can change your life because truly Love Matters."

Al, Adoptive Dad

This is what parents of traumatized kids ask for most... 

Real "Lived" Experience

Ce Eshelman, attachment and trauma specialist, is an adoptive mom of two with 37 years of expertise.

Real Change

Love+ Parenting works to stem the tide of irritation, rejection, disrespect, and anger in your home.

Stop the Chaos

Parents want to break free of the seemingly never-ending parent/child trauma patterns and to end the chaos of negative feedback loops. This program teaches parents to recognized their own family patterns, understand the messages, and break free of them. 

Love Your Life

You deserve less stress and more peace. Love+ Parenting puts you on the path to loving your life.  CLICK HERE to see how Karyn Speakman, adoptive mom of 4, is paying her learning forward since completing this program.
So beautiful.

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" This program is a life changing experience."

Adoptive Mom of 3

Do you long to... 

Gain control of your children and your free time again? 

Create a more organized and less chaotic home? 

Maintain power and influence in your family? 

Experience less stress and more peace? 

Enjoy worry-free evenings out to dinner with friends, spend frustration free holidays with extended family, and truly love a fun vacation with your kids? 

Becoming a therapeutic expert
in your own family
is the best way to truly
Love Your Life

What if I told you that I put my 25 years of experience as an adoptive mother into a program approved by parents struggling with attachment and abuse trauma from all around the world?  What if I also put my 20 years of expertise in attachment and trauma treatment into a comprehensive virtual program that has all of the effective, proven ingredients, strategies, and tools, real expertise and guidance, and a solid community of wise parents to walk you straight into being the expert you need to be in your family? 

Do you want a program like that?

What is holding you back from investing in yourself and your family so you can stop feeling thwarted? 

What is keeping you from taking advantage of getting this trauma nightmare under control? 

Let's be honest here, what's really in the way of putting yourself in a studied position to love your life? 

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"I couldn't do life without this program."

--Kristy B.
Adoptive Mom of 4

There Are Usually Unexplored Reasons For Not Taking Steps Toward Transformation...

Afraid to invest in yet another disappointing program that doesn't work? 

This program is time-tested and proven over and over again with parents of children who experienced early childhood physical and sexual abuses, attachment challenges from being carted around the foster care system, and children who have suffered neglect. 

Given up on finding anything that works for your child? 

Well, I haven't. I have yet to meet a child that I don't believe can heal from the effects of early childhood trauma. That means RAD kids, too. With the Right Tools for effective parenting, in the Right Order of brain-body engagement, and in the Right Time frame, children heal and parents recover. If adults can heal from trauma and go on to live productive lives, then so can your child. 

Are you traumatized by all the chaos and drama you see in your home: the arguing, fighting, and breaking glass? 

You've found the right place. We have all been where you are. This program is designed for you, to offer you solutions that WORK when guided by Ce, an attachment and trauma specialist, and other parents who have been where you are. The proof is in the hundreds of families loving the life they live.

Just too tired or blocked to feel like making a change? 

Yup, We have all been there, too. Unfortunately, tired and blocked will not simply go away on their own. However, just 1% change can produce a result that will lift your exhaustion and restore you heart.  That's a promise. 

Convinced you don't have the time? 
The time is NOW for your children. The earlier the better.  That phrase you read above about your kids just getting older and bigger is FOR REAL.

Thinking it will cost too much? 

You can't afford NOT to invest in this transformation NOW. What price is too high for a better life?

This program costs less than 2.5 Starbucks per week over a year.  Is that too much for family wellness? 

The average family in this situation spends $10,000 a year on therapy alone. And those costs will increase as your child's behaviors escalate. Then there will be higher levels of care, hospitalizations, or residential care. That is not an an empty threat; it is a reality of many parents who don't find the right path for their families. 

The earlier you make a change, the better the financial outcome for your family. You truly don't have the time NOT to invest in this program.

Think about it. How much time do you spend with the drama and chaos now? Therapy appointments, school meetings, lost vacations, tied up in your own leveled punishments, power struggles, cleaning up messes? You ain't seen nothing yet.

The time you spend dealing with trauma will escalate as your child gets older. I get it. I know what it feels like to not have energy to do another thing. But as Nina E., bio mom of 2, says: I used to spend hours vegging out in front of Netflix after my children went to bed. Now, I spend one hour on Netflix and use the rest of the time learning [in the Love Matters Parenting Society.] As you become less exhausted, you will be surprised at how much time you have for you.

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"I Don't Want to Say This Out Loud, But I Felt Hopeless Before Coming Here"

Marilyn - Step Mom of 2 Adopted Children and Bio Mom of 2 Neurodivergent Children.

Love+ Parenting takes you where no other program goes: right to the expertise of the matter.

You will have magic words to get your children to do what you need them to do and plenty of fall back strategies for the refusal days.

You will develop more patience, less distress, and finally be the fun parent.  It's all in the order you approach your parenting life.

You will lead your family the way you always thought you would before bringing traumatized children home. When your timing is right, your children get you and follow.

And, what if I said you can do all of this without yelling, severe punishments, even more therapy, or constant fear of Child Protective Services knocking on your door?

Love+ Parenting gives you the keys and puts you in the driver's seat

 your family in the direction you want to go
when you have the right tools, in the right order, at the right time.

Love+ Parenting in the Love Matters Parenting Society Program is:

Time Tested
Parent Proven
Trauma and Adoption Informed
Therapeutic Parenting Model
Expert Guided
Community Supported
Family Transformation Program

You will never be alone with your troubles again.

Love+ Parenting taps into...

Your innate healing wisdom 

Tested therapeutic parenting principles, strategies, and tools

Deep learning to unfold  personal parenting expertise 

Your ability to "show up" in a grounded, loving, steady way

Why does that matter?

It matters when you want to 
Love Your Life 
with Children from Difficult Beginnings

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What Other Parents Say About This Program

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"This program has been family changing, seriously. It has helped me really focus on my blocks to therapeutic parenting, so that I can get my stuff out of the way and focus more fully on my kiddos needs. I think the weekly material, even if you can't keep up 100%, is crucial. I need the reminders, I need new info, I need to be immersed so I am building a few new pathways of my own. I would also recommend couples do the program together."

--Elaine S.
Adoptive and Bio Mom

"This program has guided me into being able to face parts of myself I wouldn't have been able to by reading more books. And when facing them, it's been ever so valuable to be able to reach out to other people who truly understand what I'm going through and get support from them."

--Tom T.
Adoptive Dad of 2

"I am so very very grateful for our community and the material - the difference between my life today and several years ago is like the difference between sitting calmly in the hot tub with you guys and a glass of apple juice in my hand and being all by myself far out at sea, drowning, with no land in sight. I'm not exaggerating. I love to tell people about you whenever I can! This is THE place to be when raising our kids."

--Sarah N.
Adoptive Mom

This program is for dedicated parents only

It's for...

Parents of children who have experienced early childhood trauma like abuse or being separated from their bonded caregivers.

Parents of children whose attachment process has been stagnated by too many changes in early caregiving.

Parents who are committed to taking the time and action to improve the quality of life for their children and their families.

Parents who are struggling to help their children feel safe in their homes by preventing the escalation of symptoms from complex trauma.

Parents who are committed to investing in the work to learn more about how trauma has affected their families and how to stop the patterns of trauma that are occurring, as a result.

Parents who are struggling to love their life.

One more therapy appointment, one more year of therapy, or ten more years of therapy will not make your family healthy and whole. 

However, if you are committed to living a different life, building a life you love and loving the life you have, and you are ready to invest in yourself and your family, then this is for you.

Are you ready to transform yourself into the expert your child needs you to be to
 feel safe enough to heal into the family kid you need them to be?

Yes, change is eminent, not just possible when you invest in a comprehensive therapeutic parenting program that has the attachment and trauma expertise to make you into the expert in your own home.

So, you may not be invested enough for a transformation or you may not have enough desire to change things for the better. That's a choice.  This program is only for those who want more from life than trauma wack-a-mole.  You know what I mean? This program is for you, only if you are dedicated to making real change to Love Your Life.

If you want what Kim below has--a life changing experience--then you want Love+ Parenting.

Wherever you find yourself on this parenting journey, 
Love+ Parenting 
will take you to the next level,
the expert level in your own home.

 This is where you begin to
Love Your Life.

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24/7 - 365

Care For Your Mind/Body/Soul

Love Matters Parenting Society 
is about living your best life when it seems near impossible while caring for your traumatized child(ren).

Thriving over Surviving

The Power of Regulation

Yes, I Really Need This!

24/7 - 365

Expertise For Your Mind

Love+ Parenting
is about walking the talk of healing trauma patterns with state-of- the-art tools and coaching at your fingertips.

The Power of Expert Coaching

To Become the Expert in Your family


Yes, I Need Coaching!

24/7 - 365

Community For Your Heart

Love Matters Parenting Society
has a community of like-minded, like-hearted, and like-experienced parents who get you and your real life with children from difficult beginnings.

Empathy over Sympathy

The Power of Community

Yes, I Need Friends Who Get Me!

Frequently Asked Questions

And Important Program Information

When you raise your hand and put yourself on the waiting list, you will begin a path to success using the life changing Love+ Parenting Model developed by Ce Eshelman, Attachment and Trauma Specialist, inside the Love Matters Parenting Society Program.

  • The Love+ Parenting Model with is a model with state-of-the-art, intentional, therapeutic parenting skills designed to address Complex Developmental Trauma in your child(ren) and heal the aftereffects of trauma from early childhood abuse, neglect, and abandonment.  
  • This is a whole family transformational therapeutic model for parents of children who experienced early attachment and abuse trauma.

Parents and caregivers of children from difficult beginnings of attachment trauma, abuse, neglect, in utero exposures, neurodivergence, or adverse circumstances are welcome here. Raising brain divergent children is a journey and at times parents may find themselves at different stages, anywhere from surviving in their daily lives to thriving in their lives full throttle. You might be drowning and reaching for help for the first time or you might be further along on your  parenting road. You could be down right skillful at the healing part, while feeling lonely and looking for a path to living your best life with your child(ren). Everyone here is learning, loving, giving, growing, healing, sharing, vulnerable, and moving forward toward thriving in their best curated life. No matter the stage at which you enter, you are welcome here to become the resilient, resourceful, responsive parent you always wanted to be and the joyful person you know you are.

This is your path to parenting wellness and success.


When you register today, you will begin a path to success using my step-by-step Love+ Parenting Model.

  • You get the Love+ Parenting Model with state-of-the-art, intentional, therapeutic parenting skills designed to address Complex Developmental Trauma in your child(ren) and heal the aftereffects of trauma from early childhood abuse, neglect, and abandonment.  Video and podcast formats are available.
  • You receive access to a downloadable and/or online fillable LMPS Workbook to accompany each video containing clear and concise materials to assess your child/self/family situation, deepen your therapeutic parenting understanding, grow your personal awareness, break old habits, and create new parenting neuropathways. 
  • There are weekly Parent Support and Therapeutic Parenting Learning Groups with Ce and other parents.
  • You will instantly get 24/7 - 365 private access to an incredible cadre of fellow parents who are learning, growing, and Love+ Parenting right alongside you. You will be surrounded by parents who "get" your family life.
  • You will have access to office hours where you can schedule a 30-minute one-to-one video chat or phone call with Ce (optional upgrade).

I have experimented with offering hardship discounts often in my office and the one thing I have learned (over and over) is that most of the people who pay a deeply discounted rate rarely participate fully, cancel often, no show often, and don't get the true benefit that the work offers them if they showed up and engaged.  We all probably need some skin in the game to see the value that doing this kind of parenting can bring.

That said, I would never want the program to be truly inaccessible to someone who feels it will benefit them and they simply can't make it happen.  If joining would strongly benefit you but the price would starve your family, then please email me at [email protected] to share your situation and I’ll do what I can. This is much to my office manager's consternation, but I am who I am.

The program will open for registration soon. It will close after 5 days for 6 months. No kidding. We're going to start working through the content as a group at the beginning and we're going to be a super-supportive group that really gets to know each other, so the group will be closed to new members for six months.  If the group is already closed by the time you see this, you can subscribe to the blog on the home page, join the public Love Matters Parenting Facebook page, and get signed-up on the waiting list for the next registration for Love Matters Parenting Society.

Jump in now.  Later is just later when your kids are getting older, bigger and you feel worse. Just sayin'.

I know.  These are strange times.  The Internet is both great and disturbing.  It's sad things have come to this, but they have. 

You might worry that this is a scam or that I am not a real person with real expertise.  I encourage you to Google me. I'm real. My practice is real. My children are definitely real.

I can only promise that I will give your money back if you get inside and think I am scamming you.  

I am here to serve parents only. That is my purpose and life mission.

The program is risk-free and you can cancel in the first 30 days and get 100% of your money back, no questions asked.  Your program access will be discontinued, your Facebook access will end, and you will be free. 

You have 30 days to get 100% of your money back. No questions. I promise.

One caveat.  If you change your mind after canceling, the doors to the membership will not open again for 6 months.  Rules of the road.

Shame free zone. This Society is all about loving each other, our children, ourselves, and our lives. This is a safe, judgement-free space--I promise.  Some members will be happy with how things are at home and are looking to refine their tools, while others are in a hot mess and need a whole new approach.  Either way, you’ll find support, wisdom, advice (if you ask for it), a virtual hand to hold and a shoulder to lean on.  Love matters here in all that we do.

No! Because this program is laser-focused on your personal growth, exploration, and implementation. There will be very little reading and only short listening materials.  Everything is optional. I might refer you to a resource now and again.  However, the majority of our time in the group will be spent thinking through how we engage with our children, how we want to engage with our children, writing our thoughts and ideas in the materials, spending time on a monthly coaching call (optional), and actually implementing the strategies we discuss.  This program is designed to move you forward, but not to overwhelm you.

Damn right you will. The Love Matters Parenting Society is a large part of my work and I see all of you in the same way as I do those who enter the doors of my office.  I’m in the Society posting and supporting along with everyone else in the private community. 

Additionally, there are weekly office hours with me for 1:1 coaching if you select that option.

I’m committed to your success.  If you have done the activities in the monthly Resource Guide, participated in the Learning Support Groups, scheduled coaching, and you still struggle to make progress, I’ll be in touch to help unstick you and move you forward. 

Just keep swimming.

Feel free to email me with your questions: [email protected].  I'll do my best to answer.

You and Your Family Deserve to Love Your Life

Love Matters Parenting Society


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