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Ce Eshelman LMFT

You Can THRIVE while Parenting Children from Difficult Beginnings!

I do this for parents like you because I couldn't find help anywhere when I was struggling just like you!

I love my work as an Attachment and Trauma Specialist. Being a part of healing families makes my heart sing. 


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After years (and many therapists) of getting it wrong, Ce Eshelman got our traumatized family on the right path to attachment, sanity, and big big love. Ce’s unique therapy is grounded in the latest brain research, her own struggles raising traumatized children, and work with hundreds of families like ours. 


Elaine S.

Adoptive Mom of Two

Kristi B.

Grandmother/Mom of One

Best thing that happened to my family. I truly believe this program, Ce, and the amazing parent support in this group, Love Matters Parenting Society Membership, has been saving my life and that if my granddaughter who has suffered a lot of trauma.

Ce Eshelman is the real deal. She's one of those rare gems who deeply cares about the people she serves. She is willing to freeze frame and blow up her mistakes for you to see so you can avoid the same pitfalls. She then points to the path of secure attachment. 

Jennifer Olden, LMFT

EFT Certified Therapist

Used to feel alone and not understood, never again. That’s so powerful.

Vicki T.

Adoptive Mom of Two

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"In a real sense ‘Drowning with My Hair on Fire: Insanity Relief for Adoptive Parents’ is a daily mediation of struggle, success, failure and getting up and trying again. If that sounds like too much to subject yourself to then don’t adopt a challenging child. …shouldn’t we require prospective adoptive parents to read ‘Drowning with My Hair on Fire’ rather than another ‘All they need is love’ manual?"

Dave Ziegler, Ph.D.

Author of many books, including Raising Children Who Refuse to be Parented, and Traumatic Experience and the Brain: A Handbook for Understanding and Treating Those Traumatized as Children

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Thriving Beyond Adoption For Moms

There comes a point where moms really get how to do this thing called therapeutic parenting.  Then what?  

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