What Is A Happy ThanksGiving?

holiday thanksgiving Nov 23, 2023
Historical malady and politics aside, it has become a time of gathering in the U.S.  Social media can make it seem fabulous, but in my experience it is often a mixed blessing. Sometimes there are obligations, invitations, and rejections. Sometimes there are wonderful foods, delicious treats, delightful friends, and warm family. Sometimes people drink too much or squabble over topics that can't really be discussed  lightly. Sometimes the kids are just fine and sometimes everything falls apart after the good stuff becomes too much good stuff. Sometimes there are the sweetest connections, conversations and contagious cheers. Sometimes it all ends too soon, and then sometimes it goes on for what seems forever.
Whatever this day brings you, I am hoping you make it happy by upping your gratitude for those in your life you love and who love you. Shake off the things you don't care for and focus on what you care about. Take breaks to go outside and breathe fresh air throughout your day. Look for the awe inspiring moments that cross your path. Hug your sticky-handed kids and the ones in the corner with their noses in their phones. Appreciate at least one person you see for a big or small kindness. Smile a lot. Connect. Eat just enough and not too much. Go home early if you like.
Savor all the flavor you can experience.
This is your life. Live it happy.
These are my wishes for you on this Thanksgiving day.
Love Matters,
P.S. Be aware that your children may be feeling some big feels that come out as wild running around, grabbing food, clinging, refusing, etc.  Go gently.

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