Oxytocin Bath

oxytocin for teens and parents Apr 08, 2024

Dear Parent,

Our attachment challenged teens are hungry to be touched.  They don't know it, but they are really starving for parental affection, including touch.  Give it to them every day so they don't have to get it somewhere else.  Hug 'em, hold 'em, wrestle with 'em, pat 'em on the back, tickle 'em, tease 'em, tag 'em in the pool, tag 'em around the house, give 'em a foot rub, back rub, hand rub.  They will feel filled up, and so will you.  Ahh, it’s an oxytocin bath.

Oxytocin is the chemical that is released when you are falling in love and when your are being touched by a lover.  Delicious right? 

Oxytocin is a chemical released when mothers are tending to their newborns and it is the name of the game for life-long soothing and a sense of wellbeing.  It goes both ways with a simple touch. They get it and so do you.

If you give touch, you give it and get it at the same time.

And, Dads touch your teen boys and girls, too.  Everybody feels good when oxytocin is released.  Everyone feels loved deeply.

And Love Matters,



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