Hit the Refresh Button

Jan 07, 2024

 Dear Parents,

When your computer goes into fight, flight, or freeze mode you have to scrap whatever you are doing and hit the refresh key. I pretend I have one of those in real life, when my kids and I are about to go into the same Triple-F cycle—fight, flight, or freeze.

Here are some things you can do, too.

  • Go fix a cup of fruity tea and dissolve some honey in it. That takes nearly 6 minutes from start to finish and the Zen mindfulness of making it causes your cortisol to retreat so you can think clearly again.
  • Walk outside into the garden and do a little pinching, nipping, cutting, pulling, snipping, spading, harvesting. When you go back inside you will be re-acquainted with the harmony of the Earth. Really.
  • Go take a shower and wash it all away.  Get the emotional grime off of you.  Nice soothing body wash is delightful when your nose if flared and full of bitter Triple-F hormones.
  • Go to your bedroom and spritz or slap on a little of your favorite, maybe forgotten cologne, body spray, or perfume. You always did like that scent, right?  Home can be just like a special occasion where you want to smell yummy, if you curate it that way.

You get the picture.  Refresh before the Triple-F cycle messes up your day with your child.

 Love matters,


Theme of the day:  mindfulness smells better than the Three-Fs.

P.S. Check out The Love Matters Parenting Society membership for more support.

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