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Care For You

Apr 24, 2023

Dear Parent,

Parenting the way you need to in order to heal the deeper pain and reveal the real child beneath takes extraordinary energy. How is YOUR engine running?

You cannot do this by over eating, under exercising, under sleeping, over sleeping, avoiding, working all the time, feeling awful, drinking too much, caffeinating, sugaring up, stressing, worrying, fearing, frying your adrenals, and never finishing a glass of water.  

You are so important.  Take a reality check of your own wellness.  

Here are some suggestions:

  • Get a pedometer and wear it every day.  You might be surprised how much this increases your activity without much effort.
  • Join for free and log your daily food intake.  You might be surprised how much this moves your diet in the direction it needs to move just by paying attention.
  • Visit a Naturopathic Doctor, Osteopathic Doctor or Physician for a good holistic hormone/neurochemical/health panel check up. There are some things you can do to feel better. This will likely be expensive, and I still vote for saving up until you can get it.
  • Join a meet-up group that does fun things. Oh, and regularly go do some of them.
  • Take a class at the gym, at church, through Learning Exchange, online to learn a daily practice of some sort--Yoga, Chi Gong (Qigong), Tai Chi, walking meditation, sitting meditation, dancing, Sumba, prayer.
  • Eat clean and fresh foods every two hours and drink water every two hours like your life depends on it.  It does.

Loving care starts inside you and moves out to your child. 

Love matters,



P.S. Check out the Love Matters Parenting Society membership for more support.

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