What is Y.E.S. Coaching?


Life these days is generally complicated at any age.  If you are a youth or young adult from the difficult beginnings of early challenges, life can feel completely overwhelming.  We get you, and we can help you get to where you want to go.

Y.E.S. stands for Youth Emerging Strong. 

That’s our program goal—for you to emerge strong.



We Want You to Reach Your Goals

Coaching is the way to do it.


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This Is How We Do It


We help you identify and access the internal and external tools presently available to you to begin moving toward your goals. When desired, we facilitate your self-awareness around concepts like identity, strengths, interests, values, and desires to enhance your journey.

Personal Development

We enhance your ability to choose goals that matter to you, pursue those goals, and achieve them. We support you as you prioritize self-regulation and tap into self-determined motivation, meaning, and purpose

Social Development

We facilitate your social and emotional learning and support skills to navigate the expectations of living with roommates, working with coworkers, and accepting direction from managers, directors, and administrators.  Through this focus, you become more aware of the role of social interactions and relationships to success and well-being.

Academic and Professional Development

If you are trying to make life decisions around education and/or job paths, we coach you through the nuts and bolts necessary to establish your life direction, related planning, and action steps around short or long-term goals. We also coach to build your confidence, positive expectations, hope for your future, and resilience to strengthen your capacity to thrive in your life.

Coaching FAQ

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