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First, we assess to get the best understanding of how your brain performance is contributing to your life. From this, we develop unique programs for your brain.

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Next, we walk beside you through every part of your neurofeedback success path--equipment, coaching, troubleshooting. We are here for you the entire time. 

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Finally, live monitoring of your progress is our special sauce. We are dedicated to your success and evaluate your progress and protocols as you go.  Just like that.

We Help Children Who Struggle

Neurofeedback can be life-changing for your child who struggles with symptoms of ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, OCD, PANS, PANDAS, Lime Disease, neurodevelopmental issues, in-utero birth and brain trauma, emotional outbursts, aftereffects of early childhood trauma, and more.

Learn about neurofeedback for attachment trauma.

Parenting Is Hard and Struggling Makes It Harder

Where would your children be without you?  if you are struggling with impatience, agitation, frustration, yelling, anxiety, depression, exhaustion, inattention, or sleeplessness, neurofeedback can be a game-changer.  You and your family can find more calm together.

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Life Can Be Difficult.
We Would Love  Everyone to Get Neurofeedback, Because Life Is Good, Too

If you are challenged by emotional ups and downs, aggression, anxiousness, low mood, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, trauma, repetitive behavior, stress-related conditions, brain injury, or you simply want to be a sharp, high performing athlete or clear, successful professional, neurofeedback can change your life.

Learn about neurofeedback research.

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Neurofeedback Solutions for Emotional Wellness, Attachment, Trauma, and Sports Performance

People seeking therapy just want to feel better. Fortunately, there are brainwaves that are related to our feelings (both good and bad) that cause up to have reactions to other people, places, and experiences. Our Neurofeedback professionals will assess you through a battery of questions derived from a large, highly effective study to determine protocol suggestions that prioritize the training of specific brainwaves related to better emotion regulation.

Neurofeedback Teaches Your Brain to Be Less Reactive

The objective is to teach your brain to balance and not be reactive in response to events out of your control. It is a common human experience to feel happy if things go your way, and to be angry, frustrated or depressed if they don’t. Neurofeedback assists you to live in a state of “What is” rather than in “What should have, could have, and would have.” Instead of getting your way, you perceive options that are better than your way. Instead of getting your way, you get what you want.

"I can't believe I acted like that."

Intimate relationships tend to stir our most basic survival mechanisms. When we fear losing what we have or not getting what we want, we have a tendency to regress into childlike states of relating. These patterns are defense mechanisms for subconscious fears and distorted beliefs about who we are and how others are being.

When Survival Brain Rules the Day

When we are in these reactive states, our frontal lobe shuts down – this is the part associated with emotions, reasoning, problem-solving, and parts of speech. When this happens, we react in extremely predictable patterns, and there is no chance for constructive communication or harmonious resolutions. At these times, all we are wired for is survival and control, which only intensifies the initial problem. Neurofeedback can change survival reactions into reasoned responses. Isn’t that what we all seek in our partners, children, and friends?

And what if you choke on game day?

If you are an amateur athlete, professional athlete, or weekend warrior, neurofeedback can help you perfect your game. Brainwave training can reduce competition related anxiety, decrease reactivity at the starting line, and produce states of high capacity learning for imprinting the perfect swing, perfect catch, perfect goal, perfect response during the stress of the athletic endeavor. Neurofeedback is used by Olympians the world over to improve performance. Neurofeedback improves all aspects of your game and can solidify the future of your child’s competitive edge.

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Headset and Tablet/Smartphone

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Headset and Tablet/Smartphone

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