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Closes at 11:59pm on September 1st, 2019


Yes, I deserve this!

Wouldn't it be amazing to easily handle tantrums when your traumatized child flips and the furniture starts to fly?


Better yet, what about ending tantrums all together?  Okay, honestly, reduce them significantly?


What about teasing apart what is defiance and what is sensory?


Ever wish you had the magic secret to stomping out yelling at your kids, once and for all?


Wish you could find support in the middle of the night or at 7pm on, say, a Saturday?



Wouldn't it be amazing to easily handle tantrums when your traumatized child flips and the furniture starts to fly?

Better yet, what about getting rid of tantrums altogether?

What about determining what is defiance and what is sensory?

Ever wish you had the magic secret to stomping out yelling at your kids, once and for all?

 Wish you could find support in the middle of the night or at 7pm on, say, a Saturday?

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Love Matters Mastermind Members are...

Parents and caregivers of children from difficult beginnings of attachment trauma, abuse, neglect, or adverse circumstances.  Raising traumatized children is a journey and at times parents may find themselves at different stages, anywhere from surviving in their daily lives to thriving in their lives full throttle.  You might be drowning and reaching for help for the first time or you might be further along on your therapeutic parenting road.  You could be down right skillful at the therapeutic part, while feeling lonely and looking for a path to living your best life with a healing child.  Everyone here is learning, loving, giving, growing, healing, sharing, vulnerable, and moving forward toward thriving in their best curated life.  No matter the stage at which you enter, you are welcome here to become the resilient, resourceful, responsive parent you always wanted to be and the joyful person you know you are. 


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Sounds Great, But What Is
The Love Matters Parenting Mastermind Anyway?

This mastermind is a full "wraparound-you" experience that you can tap into on schedule or at your own pace. That's the beauty of a membership. If you have something else going on during scheduled things, you can come back to engage the material and the community when you have the time and the headspace to do it.  All materials can be accessed in text, video, or audio for consumption at your leisure.  No need to worry about missing out or having to pay for a missed therapy session. You can get the same attention, expertise, community, and connection when you need it, for less money, and not the other way around on a therapist's agenda.

You will get:

A Resource Guide at the beginning of each month containing worksheets to assess your child/self/family situation, deepen your therapeutic parenting understanding, and grow your personal awareness.

Two Coffee or Tea with Ce FB lives scheduled every week.  Coffee or Tea with Ce FB Live presentations (which are also saved for later viewing) where Ce answers 5 of your pre-submitted questions in 5 minutes--but, really, usually longer.

One scheduled group coaching call with Ce per month.

24/7, 365 private group access to an incredible group of fellow travelers who are learning, growing, and therapeutically parenting right alongside you. 

And there will be BONUSES, but a little surprise makes for way more fun.  Stay tuned.

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What will I get in the mastermind (besides smarter, of course)?


The first three months will be all about YOU:

You will assess your wellness as you are now, your hurts and resilience from early childhood, and your past experiences that make you, well, you.  This will include assessing your regulation skills, attachment and parenting styles, and adding to your personal adulting toolbox. Together, we will connect in our parenting community; grow, heal, share, and transform old or undesirable narratives into the ones you choose for unfolding into your thriving family life. 

After three months, you will be exploring and learning about the intricacies of your child(ren):

What happened in your child's early years?  What experiences do you know or suspect? You will assess physical, emotional, and spiritual strengths and evaluate areas of delay, lagging skills, and unmet needs across all domains.  This is the time for a deep dive investigation into the real mind, body, soul of your children from difficult beginnings. This Love Matters Mastermind community is full of wise parents and caregivers who have gathered some incredible real life experiences at home, school, church, and in the community along their parenting path, so you will want to ask a lot of questions, seek advice and support at every turn, as you pull back the curtain and take a closer look at your hurting child.

After six months, you will seriously get down to cracking the Therapeutic Parenting code:

You will learn, learn, learn core Therapeutic Parenting principles, attitudes, and skills from the vast attachment and trauma knowledge-base amassed over the last 20 years. Then, dear parents, the rubber hits the road, as you daily practice becoming a true, coached, and skilled therapeutic parent.  These are life changing habits that will alter the trajectory of your family from surviving, exploring, thriving. Yes, you can.

Finally, you will hone all that you have been working toward and walk along the path to your THRIVING Love Matters Family Life:

You will be mastering regulation and pumping up the volume on joyful living, closeness, dynamic friendships, and peaceful, playful, healthful living. Play. Love. Laugh. Rest. Delight. Desire. Thrive.

The second year--Love Matters and Beyond--will knock your livin' lovin' socks off.  Stay tuned.

It's Never Too Early to Get on the "Love Matters and Beyond" VIP List.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask:

I just found your work. Who are you anyway?

I'm glad you asked.  20+ years ago I brought my two children home forever from foster care.  Fertility issues made bio kids impossible for me, and it seemed obvious I would adopt.  Having been a therapist for 15 years already, I thought I had a corner on the parenting market and didn't think I would have any problems.  After the first three months, both of my children were swinging from the light fixtures and I thought I would lose my mind.  I had no idea what to do or how to help them.  I tried therapists who only made things worse and finally I took up studying everything by every attachment and abuse trauma expert I could find.  Now, I give presentations on therapeutic parenting all over the country and run a clinic for attachment and trauma treatment in Sacramento, CA.  Oh, I wrote a book (Drowning with My Hair on Fire: Insanity Relief for Adoptive Parents), have a blog (, and provide therapy to my client families at The Attach Place Center for Strengthening Relationships, too.  I have four adult children now (plus 6 rescue dogs), a loving partner, and together we are a family.  Definitely, we have been through a lot together and I have learned, grown, healed, and loved more than I ever imagined possible.  I love working with parents of traumatized children to save them the struggle and heartache of not finding knowledgeable therapeutic support to show them the way early on in the healing journey.  It is my mission and passion for this life.

How much does it cost?

The cost to join the mastermind is $67/month (which is a little less than half the price of one therapy session in my office) and I'm delighted to say the mastermind gives you so much more.  

Do you offer any kind of discount?

I experiment with offering hardship discounts often in my office and the one thing that I have learned is that most of the people who pay a deeply discounted rate rarely participate fully, cancel often, no show often, and don't get the true benefit that the work offers them if they would have shown up and engaged.  We all probably need some skin in the game to see the value that doing this kind of parenting can bring.

That said, I would never want the mastermind to be truly inaccessible to someone who feels it will benefit them and they simply can't make it happen.  If joining would strongly benefit you but the price would starve your family, then please email me at to share your situation and I’ll do what I can. This is much to my office manager's consternation, but I am who I am.

When should I sign up?

The mastermind is closing to new members at 11:59 pm PST on September 1st, 2019.  No kidding. This is not a cheeky sales gimmick to get you to sign up when actually you'd be able to sign up anytime.  We're going to start working through the content as a group at the beginning of September and we're going to be a super-supportive group that really gets to know each other, so the group will be closed to new members for six months.  If the group is already closed by the time you see this, you can subscribe to the blog on the home page and you'll be notified when the group reopens to new members.

What if I change my mind about the mastermind?

Membership in the mastermind is risk-free and you can cancel at any time.  Once you cancel, you won’t owe another payment, your access to downloads and resources will be closed at the end of the month, and you will be removed from the group at the end of the current month.

What if I want to join with my spouse/co-parent/nanny/butcher/baker and candlestick maker:  Do I have to pay the monthly fee twice/multiple times?

Well, not exactly. The monthly fee covers you. Any other member of your family who regularly interacts with your child/ren can sign up for an additional one time nonrefundable fee of $20/per person.  That means your monthly fee is $67.00 and each family person/caregiving team member who is attached to your child will pay $20 one time only to sign up and nothing more after that.

After you register, please send an email to giving her the names and email addresses of the additional individual(s) who will need mastermind access.  She will charge you $20/person and set up user accounts for them, which will also get them access to the private Facebook group.  Cool beans, right?

Who will benefit most from the Love Matters Mastermind?

The mastermind is geared toward parents/caregivers of children of any age who are experiencing Complex Developmental Trauma and have experienced attachment and abuse trauma.  If you are on a mission to heal the hurting hearts of your children, become a therapeutic parent, and live a full and thriving life, this mastermind is for you.

What if things are really bad at my house? Will I be judged and shamed?

This mastermind is all about loving each other, our children, ourselves,  and our lives. This is a judgement-free space.  Some members will be happy with how things are at home and are looking to refine their tools, while others are in a hot mess and need a whole new approach.  Either way, you’ll find support, wisdom, advice (if you ask for it), a virtual hand to hold and a shoulder to lean on.  Love matters here in all that we do.

I'm already swamped. Is this mastermind going to be too academic and overwhelming for me?

No! Because this mastermind is laser-focused on your personal growth, exploration, and implementation, there will be very little reading/listening material.  I might refer you to a resource now and again.  However, the majority of our time in the mastermind will be spent thinking through how we engage  our child and how we want to engage with our child, writing  our thoughts and ideas in the materials, spending time on a monthly live call with me, watching optional 5 x 5 Q & A sessions, and actually implementing the strategies we discuss.  This mastermind is designed to move you forward, but not to overwhelm you.

What kind of support do I get in this mastermind?

The Love Matters Parenting Mastermind members are a large part of my therapeutic work and I see all of you in the same way as I do those who enter the doors of my office.  I’m in the Facebook group 4-7 days a week posting and supporting along with everyone else in the mastermind. 

The day before each 5 x 5 FB lives, I ask for your parenting questions. These aren’t one-way lectures; you get to interact directly in the live chat with everyone on and clarify your understanding if you need it.

I’m committed to your success.  If you have done the activities in the monthly Resource Guide, participated in the group coaching call, submitted questions to the FB live 5 x 5s and you still struggle to make progress, I’ll be in touch with you help unstick you and move you forward.  Just keep swimming.